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Gift Store Becomes Middleburgh Landmark

Written By Editor on 9/1/16 | 9/1/16

Just about a year and a half ago Larry Kossmann Nelson took an idea and helped change Middleburgh's landscape. Lerny's Gift Shop offers a variety of products, including many local vendors. Earlier this year the store moved to Main Street and expanded.

"I'm amazed by the love and support by some people," said Nelson. Nelson's jovial personality seems to fit the store's atmosphere well. A multitude of crafts, jewelry, woodworks, photographs, and more included a number of Middleburgh-themed products. Mr. Nelson also offers silk screening and shirt printing.

Mr. Nelson stated that part of the reason that he was open was to help build up community pride. The store is offering a 10% discount for anything Middleburgh related.

"There's always something new," he said, motioning to new products on his shelves. Follow their gift store Facebook page here.

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