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Vroman's Nose Inspires New Business

Written By Cicero on 4/27/15 | 4/27/15

Linda and Tom Quinn have lived at the foot of Vroman's Nose for eleven years now, where they have observed a steady stream of hikers and visitors the natural monument receives over the course of the spring, summer, and fall months. 

Initially observing the steady flow while operating a printing business, the Quinn's knew the hiking trail was special. However, after the devastating floods of Hurricane Irene destroyed their print shop, the Nose became more than just special: it became their livelihood.

Launching Under the Nose in September of 2014 as the hiking season was drawing to a close, the nature themed bake and gift shop became an immediate hit with not only hikers on the trail, but with the surrounding community, particularly in nearby Middleburgh.

Commenting that opening the gift shop has "always been a dream," Linda Quinn told The Schoharie News that although she and her husband had interest in the project, it just "never seemed like a feasible way to make a living." 

That changed when the print shop went under. 

Constructing and designing the Under the Nose building himself, Tom Quinn was described by his wife Linda as the "reason why this place is here." The building itself has a homey atmosphere to it, akin to what grandma's house would feel like on summer visits. 

An atmosphere that is matched only by their product. Featuring "all fresh made sweets" of many varieties, the bake shop is complemented by a wide array of pottery, quilts, photography, and even Little Schoharie Treasures - rocks special to the Schoharie Creek. 

Most if not all products available at Under the Nose are locally made. 

Having opened officially this past weekend, the Quinn's shop will remain open to customers through December except on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, with the store closing down for the season before Christmas. April 1st will be their typical season opening. 

In addition to investing their own money into the business, the Quinn's have received grant funds, but what surprised them most of all was the outpouring of support from the community, including the Chamber of Commerce and nearby businesses in Middleburgh. 

Approaching the business with an attitude that they want to make the economic pie bigger for all in the valley, rather than fighting over the last piece, Linda said that she and her husband are working hard to give back to the community, to whom they are grateful for.

For more information on Under the Nose you can visit their facebook page here.
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