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Middleburgh Stewart's Construction Update

Written By Editor on 9/25/16 | 9/25/16

Photos and Article by Sheila Donegan

It doesn't take long to see the work crew make a whole lot progress at the new Stewart's store. At almost any daylight hour of any day you can see someone stopping by to watch the changes, and it happens very quickly.

On Monday, September 19, the building was mostly just a shell. The crew was getting the roof ready for shingles. There were no door or window frames on the building, so there certainly wasn't any glass anywhere. The outer walls of the building were green, everywhere.  By the middle of the afternoon on Thursday, the roof was almost completely shingled and would certainly be finished by the end of the day. That's an obvious change. Looking a little more closely, you could see reflections on the glass in the windows, and the base of the building had a skirt of bricks in the front.

Closer to the street, it was easy to see dramatic changes over that same time period.  A man with a chain saw was cutting invasive tree roots, trimming them back on Monday. Those roots had been the major cause of the buckling that had taken place in the old sidewalk. By Tuesday, there was a curb by the street, and by Wednesday, the framework was laid for the new sidewalk. New concrete was beginning to appear by Thursday afternoon.

It is anticipated that the opening of the store will happen at the end of November, so there is plenty of activity to watch the next two months.

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