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Hanson Suing County, Crandell after "Report" Firing

Written By Editor on 5/27/14 | 5/27/14

Former Schoharie County Department of Public Works employee William Hanson is suing Schoharie County and DPW Commissioner Dan Crandell in regards to his recent dismissal. The case, filed on April 21, 2014 requests for "annulling and vacating" the decision of Crandell to remove Hanson from his position on December 21, 2013. Hanson is representing himself according to the brief.

According to Hanson's assertions, his position was covered by civil service protection. However, the local branch of the CSEA union refused to take up Hanson's cause. According to Hanson, he was an "above average" employee, but was released from his position after an unsatisfactory report from Crandell in late 2013. Hanson also asserts that the County Board of Supervisors refused to address the issue. Hanson calls the firing an act "in bad faith." Later on he states that he performed "exemplary service" at the County. In a deposition notarized by former Middleburgh Mayor Gary Hayes, Hanson states: "I cannot believe that in this day and age a boss in a municipality can just walk in one morning and fire you and tell you to pack your stuff and leave. I believe that I was treated unfairly and without regard to Civil Service rules..."

According to a major portion of the Fitzmaurice Report of 2013, it was alleged that Mr. Hanson, who is the Chairman of the Schoharie County Conservative Party, was hired as a direct result of former Personnel Director Cassandra Ethington's suggestion.

Hayes personally served both County Attorney Michael West and Mr. Crandell. West was served at his house at 6:22 am on April 22nd, according to the deposition. The case is now in Schoharie County Court for consideration.
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