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Bialkowski Acting Police Chief in Cobleskill

Written By Editor on 6/2/14 | 6/2/14

Following the retirement of Cobleskill Police Chief Larry Travis on Friday afternoon, who had served in that capacity for the past four years, Sgt. Rich Bialkowski assumed the responsibilities of the department as Acting Police Chief. 

The department has made headlines in recent weeks as it has announced a successful string of drug sale related arrests involving heroin and marijuana in the community. The arrests were made after purchasing illegal substances from the suspects over a three week period in May.

Bialkowski is considered to be the logical choice to succeed Travis by local law enforcement officials, due to his already prominent stature in the department and his years of service in the field; as much has already been said by village officials.

However, due to the civil service requirements of the appointed position, any replacement must first take a civil service police chief exam, which according to Cobleskill Mayor Linda Holmes, may not be available into spring 2015 at the earliest.

Mayor Holmes did confirm to the Schoharie News that Bialkowski will be scheduled for the exam. 
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