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Cobleskill School 'Hit List' Being Investigated

Written By Editor on 6/20/14 | 6/20/14

An alleged 'hit list' of victims has been found at Golding Middle School in Cobleskill. This comes after a series of rumors spread around the school last week that caused a dance to be canceled after it appeared that there were sixth graders targeted.

No evidence has surfaced of who made the list, but it is being taken very seriously. Approximately two dozen names of eighth graders have been found on the list. It appeared that the list threatened students at an upcoming event. 
“We don’t have any credible evidence from an entire week spent speaking to students. I’m not saying we wouldn’t make a decision on Monday if something credible or concrete came about, but we're hoping that this time, there’s a little more evidence that we’re going to be able to wrap this up before,” said Macan.
Info from WRGB here.
"We’re always concerned, in these times we have to take every threat seriously until proven otherwise, so that’s how we’ve been treating it,” he said.
More from WTEN here.
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