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Opinion: County Board Needs to Unify Around Common Cause

Written By Editor on 6/9/14 | 6/9/14

The 2014-15 Schoharie County Board of Supervisors has a dynamic group of members tasked with overseeing the administration of government in this county; from lawyers to union officials and small businessmen to farmers, all facets of rural Upstate New York are represented in this legislative body. 

However, and perhaps unfortunately to some extent, the result of having a diverse set of individuals convene to conduct public policy is that with whatever positives they bring from their personal life, it's inevitable that at least a few negatives will come along with them. Namely, large egos and set attitudes. 

Both, again unfortunately, are at the root of dysfunctional county government, and while it would be easy to just point fingers and yell at the supervisors to put aside their petty differences, we are not naive or idealistic enough to believe sixteen individuals will agree on anything contentious, let alone retinue business.

With that said, we do believe the county board can come together on a broad set of similar principles that can serve as a unifying measure between supervisors that although they have different ideologies and distinct personalities, that they all have a common desire to see Schoharie County succeed in their own way.

Sure, perhaps our youthful idealism is clouding the realities of political discourse, but we strongly believe that it the sixteen men and women sitting around the U-shaped table on the third floor of the county board can spell out their similarities for wanting this county to thrive, then maybe they will be more willing to consider each others differences. 

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