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Dangerous New Form of Heroin Infecting Area

Written By Editor on 6/9/14 | 6/9/14

A new, more easily-addicted form of heroin is making its first appearances in Schoharie County. Most likely coming from sources in Utica, New York City, and Albany, this new type is easily concealable and avoids visible effects of heroin use, such as track marks.

Sublingual heroin has gained in popularity nationwide over the last decade. So called because it can be put into pill or film form and placed under the tongue. The veins under the tongue can carry the drug through the blood stream rapidly and without need for a needle. This does result in a smaller "high" but has the advantage of being far less traceable and more portable.

Due to heroin's low cost, this type of heroin could rapidly become a major form of the drug. While sublingual heroin has not overtaken that delivered by the needle, it will likely become a major secondary version of the opiate.

While there have been no specific arrests for sublingual heroin, sources indicate that it has reached Schoharie County. Major recent drug arrests could make a dent in its expansion as the Cobleskill Police Department has taken the lead in combating heroin, among other drugs.
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