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County Board Approves Clerk of the Works

Written By Editor on 7/8/14 | 7/8/14

The Schoharie County Board of Supervisors, in a special legislative session Monday, voted eleven to three to select Lamont Engineers as the county's Clerk of the Works on the $23 million stream bank project, which AECOM has commenced work on this past week according to County Attorney Mike West. 

Lamont Engineers was selected over another bid on recommendation of DPW Chief Dan Crandall and Treasurer Bill Cherry, who both lauded Lamont's experience in several recovery related projects conducted by Schoharie County post-Irene and Lee. The firm was contracted for eight months at $75,000.00.

In other action, the county board voted unexpectedly to reverse its June decision to strip department heads of compensation and flextime, following complaints that the current system was being abused. Monday's motion was offered by Schoharie Supervisor Gene Milone, but was not well received by several members. 

Fulton Supervisor Phil Skowfoe spoke in opposition, arguing that department heads had ignored inquiries from the county board for over a year and that no decision should be made without the full board present. He moved to table the issue, but was narrowly defeated by a single vote. 

Board Chairman Tony VanGlad sounded a conciliatory tone by stating last month's vote had, "built ill will between the Board of Supervisors and department heads," while County Treasurer Bill Cherry lauded his colleagues for committing, "more time and more effort than their required." 

Milone's motion, which called for the old compensation and flextime system to be reinstated while new policies to define use and abuse are crafted, was carried nine to four - with Supervisors Barbic of Seward, Jordan of Jefferson, Manko of Sharon, and Skowfoe of Futon in opposition. 
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