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Opinion: Time to Can Ethington

Written By Editor on 7/8/14 | 7/8/14

The time for justice has come. 

Over eight months have passed since the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors voted to suspend Personnel Director Cassandra Ethington indefinitely with pay for her role in fostering intimidation and mis-conduct in the county workplace, as revealed by the controversial Fitzmaurice Report

Several Supervisors would soon after lose their seats on the county board for their role in the scandal.

Now, with three evenings of hearings scheduled to decide Mrs. Ethington's fate starting tonight at the Schoharie County Court House, it is time for the embattled Personnel Director to follow her Conservative Party cohorts out the door, and pursue gainful employment off of the taxpayers dime. 

We are sure to see the familiar evidence presented by both sides for Supervisors (who are serving as the jury in these hearings) to consider in reaching their final decision, but the facts are documented and well known for all to see, whether it be the dismissal of public employees or her takeover of the Health Department. 

Mrs. Ethington's actions are beyond redemption and her acceptance back into the Personnel Office would only destroy what progress has been made in restoring the confidence and faith of the county work force in their public employment. Faith that was so badly scarred and brutalized under her "reign of terror." 

However, this isn't just about the morale of county employees, but rather the integrity of county government in not only moving past the heartache caused by its Personnel Director, as great as it was, but in its commitment to cleansing our government of corruption, illegality, and destructive personal agendas.

None of which can be accomplished until the champion of all the above is found guilty of her crimes, and in a sense of cruel irony, rightfully terminated by the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors at the conclusion of this week's trial, where she will finally taste a spoonful of her own medicine as she sees her way out. 

The choice is simple: it's time to can Ethington
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mslick65 said...
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mslick65 said...

"...the facts are documented and well known for all to see." Really? Where? I've seen an expensive, questionable report filled with hearsay but I was under the impression that the hearing was supposed to present the facts. "...whether it be the dismissal of public employees or her {alleged} takeover of the Health Department." Both assignments given to her by the BOS. So they tell someone to do something then accuse and condemn her for doing it (Satan would be so proud) all the while serving as judge and jury. How convenient. Sounds like you're already in line to be executioner. Shame on you.

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