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Letter to the Editor: Why the Lack of Coverage?

Written By Editor on 9/19/14 | 9/19/14

Dear Times Journal,

Shame on you! I am referring to the lack of coverage of the Country Rock the Valley Concert in
Schoharie on August 23, 2014. Just because it was not advertised in your paper, does not mean that it
should not be covered as a popular community event. You also excluded the Schoharie Promotional
Association which puts on events all year long, for free!! There are 16 towns in Schoharie County which should receive coverage in the Times Journal, but it seems that only events in Cobleskill, Sharon Springs and Middleburgh, get coverage.

Paul LoCascio, Pete Bruyn and many others have been organizing the Country Rock the Valley Concert since Hurricane Irene in 2011. They even managed to get a huge concert together that year!!! Together they have raised over $100,000 for the people of Schoharie that were devastated by the Hurricane. The organizers and all the volunteers work tirelessly for months to ensure the success of the Country Rock the Valley Concert and to bring it to the level that it has become today.

All the bands donate their time and ask nothing in return. Maybe in the future the Times Journal could adopt a similar philosophy and help community groups and support them. I understand you are in business to make money, but if an organization chooses not to advertise in the paper, the news story of that event should not be underpublicized.

Although you published pictures of the bed races, there were no explanations as to why they were
taking place. Do you even know why?? The bed races are a fun way to get people out into the village
and have some fun together, while raising money for the Schoharie Volunteer Fire Department. They
still need help rebuilding three years after the Hurricane.

Please do not advertise as “The News of Schoharie County” if the news from the entire county is not
being covered.
Shari Carr
Schoharie, New York
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