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Opinion: End the Ethington Era

Written By Editor on 9/21/14 | 9/21/14

Cassandra Ethington's rise to Personnel Director and her seizure of power over the Health Department and manipulation of the Planning and Development Department were a black mark on Schoharie County's history.

Now it's time to erase that mark for the County Board of Supervisors.

With eight members remaining on the "jury," it is their responsibility to make sure that Ethington's alleged misdeeds are confronted and punished. With a decision expected later this Monday, it is time for the Board to fire her once and for all: no more paid suspension, no more delays, and no hung jury.

It's the least that the Board can do, especially after the employees that had to face her wrath, including employees that should not have been removed in the first place. Constant manipulation, hiring of political allies, and the near breakdown of the County's system of government should have consequences.

And if there was anyone else that aided or directed Ethington's reign of terror, they should face justice as well.

Send her out the door.
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Disgusted Summit reader said...

I disagree! In fact yellow journalism like The Schoharie News & WSDE are far worse of a black eye to our community than C. Ethington ever was. Your blind allegiances to the boss's agenda are disgusting. Just report the news don't manipulate it.

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