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Poll: High Skepticism Regarding New Pipelines

Written By Editor on 9/22/14 | 9/22/14

Schoharie County residents are skeptical about the idea of having new pipelines in the County. There is widespread opposition to the installation of further pipelines and some support for removing those already in the country.

Yes 25% - 45
Yes if deemed environmentally safe 24% - 43
Yes if fracking is banned 2% - 4
No-- we have enough 38% - 68
No-- get rid of the existing ones, as well 8% - 14
Don't know/undecided 3% -6
Total: 180

In another way, the poll could be seen as:

Yes- 25%
Yes, conditionally: 26%
No: 46%
Don't know/undecided: 3%

The opposition to the pipeline plan as currently configured is the strongest portion of the local populace.
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