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Opinion: Now Move On

Written By Editor on 9/25/14 | 9/25/14

Did you hear? Cassandra Ethington has been found guilty of misconduct and removed from her position as County Personnel Director. Credit the County Board for a job well done, even if it took a while.

Still, there is much to be done. Ethington is gone from the office and will no longer be a factor. There will be effects lasting for months and years, revisions to policy recommended by the Fitzmaurice Report and other changes in the various departments.

However, there is a wider County to take care of. While unemployment is falling, it is still unacceptably high. Taxes are a major impediment to local economic growth. Costly New York State mandates handicap many businesses and local governments.

It's time to focus on all of these problems. The new Board, now in office for almost a year, has started on these programs. There's been approval of the Guilford project, hard work in containing taxes, and stiff opposition to unfunded mandates. However, now that the Ethington mess is behind the Board there is a chance to refocus efforts on these causes.

With Guilford filling and new businesses entering into Cobleskill, Middleburgh, Sharon, and Schoharie there is a very real opportunity for the County.

Seize it.
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Kittie said...

You really think it's over? LOL.

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