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Otsego County Sheriff's Department Requests Police Robot

Written By Editor on 9/3/14 | 9/3/14

The Otsego County Sheriff's Department is looking to make a technological feat and introduce a police robot to its force. The tracked robot costs about $27,000 and can traverse many terrains. It has a camera and sound recorder on the device to capture what is going on around it. The robots are powered by batteries and come with little to no recurring costs.

Photo credit: Daily Star

The Oneonta Daily Star has reported on the robot, stating that:

 Manufactured by a firm based in Sunnyvale, Ca., the Avatar III robot is about the size of a desk telephone, looks like a small tank, and is capable of negotiating staircases, grassy areas, sand and other terrain.  
It is operated via remote control, allowing the operators to keep a safe distance from suspected explosive devices or other hazardous situations.
It is unclear if the Sheriff's Department will receive the device or if there's similar interest in Schoharie County. A decision is expected later today.
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