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200 Emergency Ready Kits Provided for Vulnerable Populations

Written By Cicero on 11/24/14 | 11/24/14

Hope for the Home-bound, a new program formed by SALT, Office of Emergency Services, and AmeriCorps will be distributing 200 Emergency Ready Kits to vulnerable populations all across Schoharie County on November 25 at 258 Main Street, Schoharie. A press conference will be held at 11:00am to launch the distribution event.

Emergency Ready Kits are comprised mostly of common household items that are meant to sustain and comfort for three days in the event that a family is stranded at home. The kits are not just for natural disasters, they are important to have during events such as power outages, winter storms, or thunder and lightning storms.

Hope for the Home-bound could not have been accomplished without key partnerships and donations from over 30 organizations and individuals. The program’s goal is to not only help provide people with Emergency Ready Kits, but to teach them the skills necessary to help themselves as well as those who rely upon them. As stated recently by a member of the community, “I wish everyone would realize how important it is to have one of these kits.”

It costs approximately fifty dollars to assemble an Emergency Ready Kit home-bound individuals, who may suffer from a physical or medical condition, rely on public transportation, live in an isolated area or feel they would have nowhere to go should they need to evacuate, might not have the ability to assemble their own Emergency Ready Kit.

The press conference at 11:00am will provide food and refreshments volunteers and supporters throughout the day. If you are interested in helping to assemble or distribute kits, or would like more information on how to be prepared for any event, please contact Volunteer Director Jillian Kubiak at or by phone at 518-702-5017.
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