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Vote in Our New Poll: Recent Immigration Changes?

Written By Editor on 11/23/14 | 11/23/14

Make sure to vote in our poll on the right hand sidebar about recent changes to the national immigration policy. Do you approve of President Obama's executive order to legalize up to 5 million illegal immigrants?
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Unknown said...

A more meaningful poll would be to ask people if they actually knew what the Executive Order on immigration actually does. It’s easy to say you are against it but few people know anything about it. For instance, it allots resources to strengthen border security. It suspends deportation for parents of legal American citizens and permanent residents, if they have lived here for five years, to help families stay together. It makes it easier for people to obtain visas if they are investing in US business or studying for degrees in mathematics and science. It DOES NOT grant blanket amnesty to illegal immigrants nor does it extend health care to those granted deferred deportation under the executive order. It is also interesting to note that the Executive Order on immigration is far less radical than immigration reforms instituted under George W. Bush and Ronald Regan.

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