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Letter to the Editor: Representatives Slow to Act on Pipeline

Written By Cicero on 11/24/14 | 11/24/14

Maybe our state representatives have been silent on the Constitution Pipeline because it only affects a few of their constituents. You will never see them at a Stop the Pipeline rally. They are way too busy, probably marching at some parade, at a photo op, or cutting a ribbon. Why should they care about a small group of people who will have their land taken from them by the pipeline companies? Also, their good friend John Faso is on Constitution Pipeline’s payroll. Although, they must be doing a great job as both were just reelected to another term by successfully beating Mr. Unopposed.

Jerry Fiore
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Norie61 said...


Unknown said...

What will the pipeline hurt? It will create many jobs and have a tremendous positive impact on the economy

Unknown said...

Greg, the pipelines (there are two of them proposed so far) will clear cut the equivalent of a 60” wide swath of land 240 miles long (120 miles each). The clear cut will be maintained using herbicides. The pipes will run through forest, farms, streams, rivers, wetlands and backyards which the pipeline company will take with or without landowner permission. The pipelines will devalue the properties they run through, void mortgages and cause homeowners insurance coverages to be canceled. For all of that they will produce a pittance in tax revenue that will be more than outweighed by the cost of community services and devalued tax assessments on the properties it cuts through. The Constitution pipeline will create approximately 100 temporary construction (less than a third local) jobs and a half-dozen permanent jobs (mostly unskilled). The gas that flows through both pipelines will be transported to coastal ports and export to China and Japan. There will be no local gain. There is nothing patriotic or beneficial about pipelines that steal seize property, place residents at risk and ship our natural resources overseas and there is no "tremendous positive impact" on the economy unless you mean Cabot Oil's profit sheet.

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