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Opinion: The Power of a Job

Written By Editor on 12/16/14 | 12/16/14

It has been said that a job is the most effective anti-poverty program there is.

Schoharie County's finding that out after a long, slow learning process. The deal to bring in up to 900 jobs to the Guilford Mills site is a Christmas miracle. Even any significant fraction of such employment would be a boost to the local economy not seen in well over a decade. For the first time since Interknitting started closing down in 2001 will the private sector make up for its loss of 700+ jobs.

Many jobs are dependent on local tax dollars-- local schools and governments are vital part of local society. However, private sector jobs also have the ability to branch out and bring in addition investment, new jobs, and pay in more to the local tax base. Altogether, one person with a new $40,000 job and the means to pay for a house, car, and local products is a massive boon to our local economy.

Just imagine 900 of them. Imagine the extra demand this will put on our local restaurants, contractors, shops, and other parts of local commerce.

The process is being started across the County. Middleburgh has created dozens of local jobs over the last several years, and Cobleskill is preparing a large growth spurt. Schoharie is opening new businesses and repairing old buildings. Just add 900 jobs and the long reaching effects on top of all of this.

Let's try to keep young and working age families here in the County. We can build enough of a tax base that the rates don't have to jump every single year for many school districts and municipalities. We have a golden opportunity: let's use it to our full advantage.
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Anonymous said...

Amen - Amen and Amen.

Mrsh2o said...

Oh do tell me where these new 40,000 dollar a year jobs are.

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