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Vote in Our Poll: Do You Support Pipeline Decision?

Written By Cicero on 12/7/14 | 12/7/14

FERC made headlines several weeks ago by declaring the Constitution Pipeline environmentally safe. Last week they made more waves by approving the project, leading to a timetable where it could start construction within several months.

What do you think?
Do You Support FERC's Decision to Approve the Constitution Pipeline? free polls
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Unknown said...

So wrong.

Scott said...

The inability of FERC to recognize the dangers of Fracking and its infrastructure is shocking. How a governement agency alleged to protect its citizens is in the business of destroying it is frightening to say the least.

Seskenite said...

This is like saying do you like your executioner. There is only one group that will benefit from this and they will benefit despite the destruction of habitat, the endangerment of air and water and the general degradation of the environment.

Heidi Gogins said...

Well, if we needed more proof that our democracy is being destroyed by corporate money, here we have it.

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