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Letter to the Editor: Continue Fighting the Pipeline

Written By Editor on 1/5/15 | 1/5/15

Dear Editor, Neighbors and Friends,

The long awaited decision from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission concerning the approval of the Constitution Pipeline comes as no surprise to many. For those of us at the local levels of government that did everything humanly possible to prevent this pipeline from running through our county, the decision is extremely disheartening. Our county board of supervisors, unfortunately, was fragmented on the issue, thus causing each town to find its own way. Our representatives at the next levels of government supported the entire concept and without their resistance the task of stopping the pipeline approval became monumental.

Our residents who are to be directly impacted by the pipeline routing understandably, will suffer devaluation of their properties as well as the constant worry that setbacks are not sufficient to insure safety in case of any compromise. Over the last 18 months I have witnessed many groups accept grant funding from representatives of Constitution and many of our land owners have signed off on easements and accepted the one time payout. For those land owners who have resisted, Constitution is now showing its true colors by mailing letters of intimidation to them. It is truly unfortunate that our county has in the past and is currently feeling the bullying powers of Big Energy because of the lack of unity among its residents and representatives.

It is extremely important for everyone to know that the effort to defeat this pipeline being placed in Schoharie County soil continues and the general public once again will be given the opportunity to voice its opinion at the upcoming public hearings to be held by DEC January 12, 2015 in Binghamton; January 13, 2015 in Oneonta and January 14, 2015 in Cobleskill at SUNY Cobleskill - Bouck Hall Theater at 6:00 PM. DEC must decide if it will issue the necessary permits for the pipeline to be built after evaluating what its possible effects will have on aquifers, ground water, storm water runoff, spring thaws and streams.

The DEC has just announced that it will prohibit hydrofracking in New York, because the Health Department has advised them that it will be quite awhile before the issue of health threats is fully researched and understood. All the dangers of leaks and pollutants in fracking also exist for gas pipelines near water sources. The people of Schoharie are so dependent on having safe, clean water and they need to let the DEC know that the issue of pipeline health impacts on water supplies also needs to be researched and understood. If people can’t make the meetings they can email their concerns to

Unfortunately, our nations’ economy has taken its toll on many households causing families to participate in projects of this nature, which normally they would not have. But, the fact remains that we all must fear the county becoming a corridor for pipelines carrying a product which the major portion of will be exported at our expense. Let us be reminded that there has always been strength in numbers and if we are to protect our landscape, environment and way of life, a coordinated effort between county residents and elected officials must be accomplished.

Gene Milone,
Schoharie Town Supervisor
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Gene Milone

It takes pure guts to stand up to the oil and gas companies!

Not to mention what it takes today to stand up to those persons that don't have all the facts and statistics but seem to know everything about fracking and pipeline issues.

As an intervenor for the constitution pipeline I ask how many other informed, strong people will stand up to preserve our precious fertile county? Our lives? Our children and grandchildrens lives?

Can anyone really put a price on "drinking water", clean air and future prosperity?

The cultervation of food that everone needs in order to sustain life?

Already with the removal of our many trees making room for easements we have seen disturbances in our environment.

And who will be bailing this county out if and when an accident occurs!

I think it's safe to say we can not depend on FEMA as many have already learned the hard way.

Flooding in the past has been acts of nature but now it would be man made by this county's conscious decision to allow pipelines through this county.

Do we wish to become just another state that families and those educated in the processes do not wish to migrate to because of the filth that pipelines, compression stations with dangers to drinking water as well as dangerous air quality produce?

Pipelines once placed will encourage fracking and these corrupt companies will try and perhaps succeed in overturning our ban as they have in other states.

Our homes and all of our assets become futile.

But if the pipelines are never here they can't frack us!

I truly believe we should all be "on the same page" in wishing to grow our county to be prosperous and successful!

"Divided we fall!"

Support our farmers and businesses to be healthy and strong!

Let's stand our ground and show pride in our county!

I have faith in my county. Do you?

Schoharie, NY

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