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Letter to the Editor: Time to Stand Up to Pipeline

Written By Editor on 1/29/15 | 1/29/15

I see where the Constitution Pipeline has created its first jobs for the county. Schoharie County Deputies are out serving papers notifying landowners that they now have become defendants and their land will be confiscated from them. Following right behind constitution is another land grabber Kinder Morgan who wants to run a pipeline through the same towns and they want a seperate easement. That means between the 2 pipelines a football field wide swath will have to be cut through our properties, woods, fields, and backyards thus bringing a pipeline even closer to our homes and drinking water. I can only hope the Schoharie Supervisors will not remain silent again as its residents get put through another nightmare Maybe with the new leadership on the board, they will take a stand and say enough already. Do we really want our county to become an interstate for pipelines? Chairman Lape did state that his number 1 priority was to protect the health and saftey of our residents. Well here is your chance Mr. Lape back up your words. Also Assemblyman Lopez before you start thinking about the next rung on the political ladder and riding down 95 south to Washington, HELP US!

Jerry Fiore
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