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Stop the Pipeline Files Request for Pipeline Rehearing

Written By Cicero on 1/3/15 | 1/3/15

The Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic, representing grass roots organization Stop the Pipeline (STP), has submitted a request for a rehearing of the proposed Constitution Pipeline to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
In the 73 page document submitted to FERC, Pace contends that the FERC violated the Clean Water Act, the Natural Gas Act, National Environmental Policy Act and landowners’ constitutional right of due process when it issued conditional approval of the proposed pipeline. Pace’s filing is the 5th request for rehearing submitted to FERC by public interest groups and attorneys representing landowners.
The Center for Sustainable Rural communities applauds the efforts by STP and Pace to protect the health, safety, quality of life and property rights of Upstate NY residents. The Center urges landowners to continue to resist and reject efforts by the pipeline company to bully and intimidate them.
Landowners who have been served with condemnation papers by Constitution should consider seeking qualified legal counsel. While the Center does not provide legal advice or recommend specific law firms we can provide landowners with a list of law firms who have agreed to handle pipeline condemnation cases, including law firms willing to represent landowner groups in order to reduce the cost to individual landowners.
Landowners who have been served with condemnation papers by Constitution Pipeline can email: or call toll-free: 800-795-1467 for information about individual and group representation.
Area residents are strongly encouraged to attend one or more of the hearings to be held by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and express their concerns about the potential impacts of the Constitution Pipeline of area aquifers, rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands and private water wells. Without a 401 Water Permit from DEC, the Constitution Pipeline CAN NOT BE BUILT.
Dates, times and locations for the DEC hearings are as follows:
Monday January 12th
East Middle School Auditorium
167 East Frederick Street
Binghamton, NY
Tuesday January 13th
SUNY Oneonta
Lecture Hall IRC # 3
108 Ravine Highway
Oneonta, NY
Wednesday January 14th
SUNY Cobleskill
Bouck Hall Theater
State Route 7
Cobleskill, NY
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