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County Board Passes Administrator in 8-6 Vote

Written By Editor on 2/20/15 | 2/20/15

The County Board was split this morning, but decided to accept the proposal to create a County Administrator. In the debate, the sides confronted both the potential costs and savings of such an action.

The newly passed law described the position as:

directly responsible to the County Board of Supervisors and shall perform the functions of the chief administrator of the County on behalf of the County Board of Supervisors, although the County Board of Supervisors shall retain the final administrative authority.

The position will require a Bachelor's in Public Administration or Business Management and ten year's experience in the public or private sector or a Master's Degree and five year's experience. Any person that becomes the Administrator is not allowed to hold any other public office.

The proposal passed into law can be read here.

The weighted vote totals were:

Barbic, Seward: 5.5%
Buzon, Middleburgh: 11.8%
Federice, Conesville: 2.5%
Jordan, Jefferson: 4.3%
Lape, Richmondville: 8.1%
McAllister, Cobleskill: 16.2%
S. Smith, Blenheim: 1.1%
Milone, Schoharie: 11.0%
Total Weighted vote: 61.5%


Bradt, Carlisle: 5.9%
Manko, Sharon: 6.2%
Skowfoe, Fulton: 4.3%
VanGlad, Gilboa: 4.1%
VanWormer, Esperance: 6.9%
Vroman, Summit: 3.8%
Total Weighted vote: 31.2%

It is notable that all former Chairs of the Board: Skowfoe, VanGlad, VanWormer, and Vroman all voted against the new position.

Supervisors Bleau of Wright and William Smith of Broome, who penned a recent letter against such a proposal, were absent.
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