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Knight: Now is Time to Decide the Administrator Question

Written By Cicero on 2/19/15 | 2/19/15

It's no little known fact that the American political system is broken. Not beyond repair, but wholly broken in several parts. 

We don't have to look at Washington, or even Albany to recognize this. Just take a gander at the fine sixteen men and women who constitute the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors: a legislative body that has been cursed by an inability to govern effectively for years. 

Now I mean no harm against its current occupants, for there are good, well meaning individuals from all three parties represented around the not so grand U-shaped table that occupies the third floor of Schoharie County's office building complex, but come on, let us be real. 

Almost two years removed from the heat of the controversial Fitzmaurice Report and we are still bleeding from the political wounds caused by that damning investigation. Yes, what was done must and should be reconciled, but for the love of God, must we still fight this?

Personnel Officer Cassandra Ethington was fired. As were her allies on the Board of Supervisors by an enraged citizenry. But to hear some speak of her actions, it is as if she was still employed and still engaged in unjustified actions. This is not the case, however. 

Schoharie County faces far graver problems that deserve solutions from our legislators: the future of economic development, drafting a code of conduct/ethics reforms to prevent another debacle in administration, and yes, an answer to the lingering administrator question. 

An answer, I am hopeful at least, will be addressed by our Schoharie County Board of Supervisors at tomorrow's February meeting. Whether yea or nay, it has been discussed for over thirteen months now, and by tomorrow evening, needs to be decided - once and for all. 

Some might call that callous, as perhaps there has not been enough debate on the subject, or maybe others believe there should be a public referendum to let the people decide. I say no to both - our legislators are elected to make decisions - so let them make them and be done with them. 

And then, with that decision made, they can - and we as well - may move forward with other concerns, issues, and questions facing the people of Schoharie County. For there are still many to be resolved in the coming months and years. 

Just for comparison: it took the U.S. Congress nine months to abolish slavery, yet we can't decide in over a year whether or not county government really does need or doesn't need an administrator. Good riddance, where is Abraham Lincoln to prod the cattle when you need him.

I advise no path to the Supervisors, for that is not my role at this point in time, but I do believe they must make a final decision. We, as a public, have allowed them to discuss this issue for long enough. The time to call the question is now.

Mrs. Largeteau, please call the roll.... 
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