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Letter to the Editor: Pipeline "Shock and Awe"

Written By Cicero on 2/13/15 | 2/13/15

To hear Christopher Stockton of constitution pipeline speak, he is now being called a communications specialist. It reminds me of a General giving a military briefing. He states the starting date is getting close, we are ready to get going. Constitution's army is planning to have 5 armored divisions attack 5 different counties at the same time, It's their version of Shock and Awe. They will systematically start their assault with expert precision. They're veterans of this kind of raid, having done this many times before. He also noted the pipe for the pipeline is waiting and will be put to use as soon as constitution's army are allowed to mobilize. It is then the invasion and onslaught begins, code name Operation Seize and Destroy. The environment, pristine woods and waterways, every living thing in the path of these invaders will be annihilated for ever. Then finally after a year of occupation the nightmare will be over. Or so we thought, for in the shadows there is yet another army assembling. The worst part of the nightmare, all of this is happening in America.

Jerry Fiore
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