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Fulton County Sheriff: Throw Away SAFE Act Permit Forms

Written By Editor on 2/15/15 | 2/15/15

The Sheriff of Fulton County is making his stance on the SAFE Act more than clear. Going beyond the majority of New York State Sheriffs that oppose the controversial gun control measure, Thomas Lorey is calling for civil disobedience.

While giving a speech to the Oath Keepers, the Sheriff called upon gun owners to disobey the SAFE Act. The first person he cited in his remarks was Schoharie County resident and 2nd Amendment activist Kevin Sisson.

When legal gun owners receive the notice to re-certify their pistols under the new SAFE Act provisions, the Sheriff said that "In the state of New York, there are two types of permits, a license to carry and a license to possess. The license to carry was never meant to be restricted."

He also said that if gun owners get paperwork regarding their currently possessed firearms, they should throw it in the trash.

He told listeners, "I want to assure you that everyone in Fulton County has nothing to fear from the sheriff's office."

 Video of the event is below.

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