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Letter to the Editor: Where is Lopez, Seward on Pipeline?

Written By Editor on 2/5/15 | 2/5/15

Who let the pitbulls out of their cages? I see Senator Seward and Assemblyman Lopez are running loose, growling and ready to take a bite out of Governor Cuomo's leg over his education policy and rightfully so. Yet when it comes to the big gas companies taking our land and turning Schoharie County into an interstate for pipelines, not even a whimper.I wonder why? Mr Lopez has called on the public to help him fight Mr Cuomo's policy via letters to the Governor and also the editor. Thats just what the  opponents of the pipeline have been doing for the past couple of years, maybe you have read a few of those letters Pete? The Assemblyman will use his membership on the Education Committee to lead the charge against Cuomo. Mr Lopez also is a member of the Assembly's Enviornmental Conservation Committee. But I have never heard him speak out or use his membership on that committee to take a stand against the Constituion Pipeline. The destruction of our land and the denuding of the forests is a criminal act It will cause irreversible damage to the environment. I hope the pit bulls will still have some fight left in them, when Kinder Morgan comes calling looking to take more of our land for a second pipeline and easement. But I expect by that time they will both be locked up back in their kennels.

Jerry Fiore Summit
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