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County Democrats Hold Slight Cash on Hand Advantage

Written By Cicero on 3/10/15 | 3/10/15

Schoharie County's Democratic Party is in good shape financially to pose a solid challenge to local Republicans this fall, although it wont do them much good with no publicly declared countywide candidates in the mix yet. 

According to the most recent data available from the New York State Board of Elections, county Democrats maintain a $1,600 on hand cash advantage over their GOP counterparts with eight months until the off-year elections.

However, county Republicans maintain the overall advantage heading into the campaign season. An advantage that is due in no small part to the recent announcements that County Clerk Indica Jaycox and Treasurer Bill Cherry are seeking re-election.

With two countywide offices and all sixteen supervisor seats on the ballot in November, both parties are expected to intensify their fundraising efforts in preparation for the election season to come.

Although not as significant, the true wildcard could be in how much of a role the Schoharie County Conservative Party takes in fielding its own candidates and cross-endorsing potential allies in the major parties.

Running their own candidates for Sheriff and Town Supervisor in 2013, the Conservatives have established a small but potent following among the county's ideologically similar electorate, particularly in the southern portions of the county.

As of publication, there are no publicly declared Democrat or Conservative candidates for county office, and no announced contenders for any of the sixteen open supervisor positions.

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Way too early to start running candidates.

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