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Emergency Officials Urge Preparedness in Middleburgh

Written By Cicero on 3/1/15 | 3/1/15

Presenting on a theme of prepare, respond, and recover, the New York State Citizen Preparedness Training Program sought to educate residents of Middleburgh Monday night on the necessity of being ready in case of disaster. The event was held at the local high school's auditorium. 

Photo by Sheila Donegan
Offering tips, such as planning for a future event or having a go-bag (pictured left) ready, members of the New York State Army National Guard encouraged attendees to not only be prepared to help themselves, but those in their community by way of volunteering. 

Joined by Schoharie County Director of Emergency Management Mike Hartzel, New York State Assemblyman Pete Lopez, and others, the session ended with everyone in the audience receiving a free already built "go-bag" and the opportunity to ask further questions on the topic. 

Assemblyman Lopez, who spoke briefly, touched on how constituents are still struggling to recover after Hurricane Irene and encouraged support for remaining vigilant in preparedness for what is to come down the road. 

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Anonymous said...

Assemblyman Lopez some of your constituents might need some training on the necessity of being ready for another kind of disaster A PIPELINE EXPLOSION! We will remain vigilant and prepared for what is to come down the road. We just might need more than a pretty little bag.

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