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Letter to the Editor: Lopez Not Representing Us

Written By Cicero on 3/3/15 | 3/3/15

Dear Editor,

Last week The New York State Citizens Preparedness Training Program was educating residents of Middleburgh on the necessity of being ready in case of a disaster. There were cameras and microphones, so of course Assemblyman Lopez was present. He spoke about how his constituents should remain vigilant and prepared for what is to come down the road. Everyone who attended received a free "GO -BAG". Mr. Lopez your constituents might need training on another kind of disaster A PIPELINE EXPLOSION! I for one will remain vigilant for what might come down the road, as the big gas companies plan to bury gas lines on my property. My family just might need more than a cute little "GO-BAG". Mr. Lopez I'm sure you remember 25 years ago this very month in the town of Blenhiem. There was a pipeline explosion, 2 people killed, 5 injured and 14 buildings leveled and it could have been much worse. I still don't understand why you have remained silent and turned your back to your constituents? You have left us alone to fight for ourselves against these greedy gas companies. Is it because the pipelines won't be going through your property putting  your family in harms way? Are you afraid to fight the gas companies for fear of hurting future political endeavors? Is it because your close friend John Faso who happens to belong to the same political party as you is now a paid spokesman for constitution pipeline? Whatever the reason, it doesn't look good. It makes you look like your just another lifelong politician, who will do or not do anything to get reelected. Then again, maybe that is all you are.

Jerry Fiore  Summit
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ALANNA said...

I find three things to be extremely frustrating. First and foremost, that in the United States of America, a company centered on corporate greed, lies, intimidation, and bribery can claim the land of hardworking people and do what they would like with it. Two, that our elected officials do absolutely nothing to represent the people that put them in office and had faith in them to do the right thing. Three, and to me this may be the saddest bit of it all, that many members of the county who are thankfully not directly impacted by the implications of this Pipeline have chosen to remain silent and comfortable regarding the matter at hand. Constitution Pipeline gave out grants to many businesses and organizations that could use the money desperately to benefit the people of this area. Recreation programs, Fire Departments etc. While I do not blame these people for accepting the money I hope they realize what it was and take it at face value. BRIBES and HUSH MONEY. At the end of the day, this could happen to any of us. With future pipeline proposals coming down the line, I would like to remind people to be aware that nobody is safe from this terrible injustice unless we ALL do something now. Thank you to concerned citizens such as J. Fiore and R. Nied for your relentless efforts at spreading awareness and fighting back. We could all learn a thing or two from you.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Alanna, I agree with everything you said. I wish more people would speak out against this injustice. Your a fine young lady and I'm sure your father is very proud of you.

ALANNA said...


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