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Letter to the Editor: Supers Deserve Credit for Admin Passage

Written By Cicero on 3/20/15 | 3/20/15

Dear Editor:

Bob Nied recently criticized the County Board for its handling of county executive and county administrator initiatives (Letter, March 12). While I agree that much more could be done, I want to emphasize two big positives which were overlooked.

First, the creation and passage of an Administrator position is a big deal. I’ve seen enough and talked to enough Supervisors to know that many of the recent and current County misadventures would be mitigated or eliminated under the watchful eye of a professional administrator.

Second, the Supervisors represent a wide range of competence, commitment, and achievement. To tar them all with one brush, as Bob has done so regrettably, is counterproductive in the extreme. The best of the bunch have moved this County way ahead of others in the State on a large number of fracking, pipeline, personnel, development, and fiscal responsibility issues.

When a progressive like Bob Nied mocks these determined and caring people, it feels like a stab in the back from a supposed ally, as one Supervisor told me. I hope the rest of your readers will make up for this insult by reaching out with support and thanks to those several Supervisors who are fighting the good fight.

Glenn Sanders
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a picture of Mr. Skowfoe as county mascot and a caption stating "Schoharie County --- Love it or Leave it".

Norie61 said...

Are you serious Mr.Sanders? I think "Bob" is stating what most people feel. I think what is better said is that this Board finally showed it's true colors, got together and voted for something that most don't want and what taxpayers will be footing the bill for.This new position has no power as they still answer to the Board, so who are you kidding. While I am not for this new position I am however willing to give it a shot, but if there are no results in a year then the position should be abolished.

ALANNA said...

I don't think questioning the norm and authority should be viewed so negatively. Why is the word "progressive" used in a negative light. Aren't we all striving for progress, in our community and our personal lives?

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