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Letter to the Editor: Time for Us to Fight Constitution as a Community

Written By Cicero on 3/6/15 | 3/6/15

Dear Editor,

I find three things to be extremely frustrating. First and foremost, that in the United States of America, a company centered on corporate greed, lies, intimidation, and bribery can claim the land of hardworking people and do what they would like with it. Two, that our elected officials do absolutely nothing to represent the people that put them in office and had faith in them to do the right thing. Three, and to me this may be the saddest bit of it all, that many members of the county who are thankfully not directly impacted by the implications of this Pipeline have chosen to remain silent and comfortable regarding the matter at hand.  While I am upset with our elected officials I cannot say that I am surprised.  When it comes down to it, not offending supporters and making business allies in future political campaigns seems to be the main goal.  The people of our area are hardworking, family oriented people that lead busy lives to make sure their loved ones are cared for, and while I realize there is not always extra time to research or speak out against things happening to others in the community, this is an instance where I would urge people to try to find the time.  Constitution Pipeline has given out grants to many businesses and organizations that could use the money desperately to benefit the people of this area. Recreation programs, Fire Departments etc. While I do not blame these people for accepting the money I hope they realize what it was and take it at face value. BRIBES and HUSH MONEY. At the end of the day, this could happen to any of us. With future pipeline proposals coming down the line, I would like to remind people to be aware that nobody is safe from this terrible injustice unless we ALL do something now.  At the end of the day, if this project gets the thumbs up, my family and countless others will have their property invaded by strangers and lose our peace of mind all for something that is not going to benefit our area in any way, shape or form regardless of the nonsensical information the company has been distributing.    Thank you to concerned citizens such as J. Fiore and R. Nied for your relentless efforts at spreading awareness and fighting back. We could all learn a thing or two from you.

Thank you,
Alanna Fiore
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Norie61 said...

I so sympathize with you and your plight as I too have been a victim of eminent domain when NYPA moved it. I have learned that no matter what one says or how many the government will side, they will do with what's best for the community. It doesn't say what community but in business it will be whomever they serve. In this case, whoever they sell the gas to.What troubles me is, most people didn't give a dam when it affected my home or area, and they don't yours, and they will not speak out until it affects them. Our elected supervisors are not representing you or I, they represent themselves in what's best for them. People have short memories and all I can say is bad together and vote these people out.

Anonymous said...

move, PLEASE

ALANNA said...

Move why? Due to the threat of explosion or because I don't agree that what is going on is okay?

Anonymous said...

one question:
What is the safest way to move petroleum products?
When you are done doing the research (and I mean not just listening to propaganda and fear mongering) I think you will agree, pipelines are without question the safest and most efficient means of transporting. There isnt even a close second.
Facts are facts, sorry sometimes the truth hurts

ALANNA said...

You know what hurts the fact that they are digging and destroying a part of MY property. They can move petroleum products "safely" through someone's property that wants it there. You wanna volunteer yours freedom train?

Unknown said...

Amazing how someone who chose the handle freedom train refuses to see the attack on freedom here. Don't be smug with the "truth hurts." Truth is if you were in the position where your land was threatened, family land passed on generation to generation, you would either be upset or a coward. What an ill-formed response that addressed literally nothing that was written. Great article.

ALANNA said...

Thank you Jordan. I was also confused by the name freedom train and then the disregard toward rights...also, I am not a scientist and my article was not about the safety or lack of safety, it was about my land being destroyed without my say. Thanks for understanding, and taking the time out of your day to address this issue!

Fantastic Fudges said...

Its a good thing everyone doesn't think like this. If it doesn't help me then I don't care
The power lines that bring you electric run though someone else's land destroying it.
I88 that gets you to work faster took someone's land
How about the Quarry would you like to live next to that?
What about the train tracks that run through Central Bridge? I bet that does great things for your property value. Don't forget about the danger of a train wreck you know transporting gas and oil and other dangerous chemicals. Its ok when its not happening to me or its ok if benefits me.
Don't get me wrong I don't like the fact that it takes away some of our freedom but if the home owner is compensated enough so that they come out on top what is the problem?

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