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Letter to the Editor: Pipeline to Reduce Quality of Life

Written By Cicero on 4/6/15 | 4/6/15

Dear Editor:

It is no surprise that people are fleeing Schoharie County and many more will follow if they could only sell their houses. Just take a ride around our beautiful County and you'll see more real estate signs than cows. There are many factors for the population decline, most of the upstate region has been in a downward spiral for years. The Times Journal front page story "Sinking To New Levels" cited lack of jobs, hurricanes, and floods. I agree the floods devastated the County and a lack of good paying full time jobs are always a negative especially when people are looking to purchase a house and relocate to an area. The once great State of New York is not so appealing any more. It has taxed, tolled, and surcharged many decent people right out. Also the political culture is rancid in New York and the insufficient representation from our elected officials doesn't help much. This brings me back to the Times Journal story and the genius of one of my elected officials. Why of course it is Assemblyman Peter Lopez, doing what he does best "TALKING." Pete just once please say something meaningful or maybe something we don't know. One of Pete's quotes, "We have so much to offer when it comes to quality of life." Hey Pete you're absolutely right, that was the biggest factor when Jerry and Michelle Fiore decided to move to Summit 18 years ago. We wanted to raise our young daughters in a beautiful safe place and it has been everything we've dreamed it would be. But not anymore as we now will be having a 30 inch gas pipeline coming through our land and another one soon to follow. I don't think our quality of life is so good anymore, do you? So Pete, next time you trip over yourself to get in front of a microphone, tell us something we don't already know.

Jerry Fiore Summit
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Norie61 said...

The downing of Schoharie County is caused by many reasons.I am also a transplant here, although it's been 47 years.The one thing I constantly hear is "There's nothing here", and "they favor their own".We need to change that perspective. With the recent stories of corruption, cronyism, and neglect by our Supervisors it's no wonder people will leave the area, or not decide this is the place for them.I think about all the ways this county has changed with the NAPA dams, 2 pipelines that have erupted, 2 major disasters with Irene and Lee,Camp Summit closing, and now the addition of 2 more pipelines, who would want to live here. The residents of this county need to take a stand, and stop with, if it's not in my backyard, I don't care attitude, and support those who are affected and vote out the useless representatives that do nothing to better this county! Baby steps will lead to giant ones in November.

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