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Mixed Reports: Lopez to Announce Run for Congress

Written By Cicero on 4/16/15 | 4/16/15

Local news outlets are reporting mixed information concerning a potential congressional bid by New York State Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R-Schoharie), who has been rumored to have interest in the seat being vacated by retiring Congressman Chris Gibson.

Writing that "Assemblyman Pete Lopez, R-Schoharie, announced Tuesday he plans to run for the upstate New York House seat in succession of incumbent U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson of Kinderhook," The Daily Mail set off a political firestorm yesterday. 

Later quoting Congressman Gibson as stating Lopez would be among a number of worthy potential successors, the Catskill based Mail ran the story in yesterday morning's edition of the Columbia-Greene subsidiary

Assemblyman Pete Lopez
The Mail's story was called into question, however by the Oneonta Daily Star, which quoted sources close to Lopez as stating, "the decision is still weeks away." The Assemblyman is said to be conferring with family members on the matter.

Lopez remained conspicuously silent as the conflicting media reports circulated across the 19th Congressional District, which is larger than the neighboring state of Connecticut. 

Phone calls to the Assemblyman's Schoharie office by The Schoharie News were not returned as of publication.

In addition to the Schoharie native, who has often been touted as a hometown son, State Senator Jim Seward and former Assembly Minority Leader John Faso have also been mentioned as potential GOP candidates. No prominent Democrats have signaled interest thus far. 

Working as a lobbyist for Constitution Pipeline, Mr. Faso has been characterized as being out of touch by Schoharie County residents, while Seward has received flak for supporting the 2015 budget proposed by Governor Cuomo. 

Stay tuned to The Schoharie News as we provide further updates to this evolving story. 
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MerlinMedic said...

Pete would do Schoharie County, and the rest of the district well in Washington. He has a daughter in the Air Force so he knows what sacrifices families of those who serve make. He spends much of his free time among us, talking to us and being with us. So he knows our concerns. I think he deserves his chance to show us what he can do in a body that is not controlled by a few men from NYC where we are only an area to be pillaged for NYCs benefit.

SJ said...

I on the other hand see a man that despite all the information being sent to him sees schoharie and the other counties as an industrialized area!

He and Faso have protected the constitution pipeline and was trying to help Constitution by keeping the competition, Kinder Morgan out.

This would have made Pete once more appear on the surface to be our "hero."

They never intended for us NOT to have pipelines....or they would have protected us earlier on from the Constitution pipelines.

Yes, Pete is a great photo opps kind of guy but all we have seen are taxes sky rocketing!

Now he has added a very personal project to himself and his family at the taxpayers expense.

I realize others will benefit as well so I make the exception but find it strange that in all these years in office he had not put his energies into creating any other truly worthwhile accomplishments in this county.

Actually, he as well as the others were highly influential in the Maranatha scheme.

How would he possibly be able to do anymore as Congressman.

He has learned well by observing that he also doesn't have to do anything for Schoharie and can still get re-elected by these people over and over again!

I wish to see an individual that has great, healthy ideas for the future of our families, especially our children and grandchildren

To have the interests of all of us and not just the few.

We need to a aim higher and not keep our noses to the ground .

We need to discourage a government here that does not have the hearts and souls of our people in mind but just the money and greed to benefit themselves and their friends.

Good businesses and families are always going to be needed for survival and we can't encourage them if we bring in pipelines and future fracking!

As I see it now we will eventually become a "Pittsburgh!"

And I see only a handful of landowners with so much greed and destruction in their hearts, that at the expense of the other landowners; their neighbors, that also have rights, be ignored and thrown by the wayside in the others plight for only money!

They take advantage of the taxpayers lack of complete knowledge in serious matters that will obliviate them and convince them to just follow THEIR advice and without encouraging them to learn more on their own or at least pay heed to those who are outwardly ridiculed for trying to enlightening us by telling us the truth.

these officials are out for their own gains and not for us.

Their care not for their own legacy despite all the information

We deserve so much more!!!

I plead with everyone to take the time now to take notice and make better decisions in the future!

Anonymous said...

Pete doesn't deserve anything, much less a political promotion!

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