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New Poll: Is Seebold Farm Right Spot for new Jail?

Written By Cicero on 5/13/15 | 5/13/15

County, federal, and state officials recently announced that FEMA will relocate Schoharie County's Public Safety Facility outside of the flood zone, but many residents are balking at the new jail's proposed location at Seebold Farm on Route 30.

Citing safety concerns and Schoharie's image to tourists coming into the Schoharie Valley, the spot has been criticized. The Schoharie County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve Seebold's at the June 2014 county board meeting.

Other locations, including property in Central Bridge and the Summit Shock Facility, have been suggested as possible alternate sites.

What are your thoughts: did the county make the right call, or is the for sale property a bad location? Please vote in our poll on the right hand sidebar and let us know.
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logansgramma said...

That is an excellent location for the jail. Transporting of inmates to county court in Schoharie is a big part of the services provided by the jail. Transporting of inmates to hospitals is another consideration. The Seebold Farm location is perfect for all that. It also makes it easier for attorney's to visit their clients before and after court in Schoharie. I say it's a great spot.

Norie61 said...

Boy it just seems like you never can satisfy everyone and all they do is complain.I think this is ideal for a few reasons, stays close to the courthouse, 2,it's located close to the interstate,3,it remains in Schoharie, and 4,it's out of the flood plain. Please after hearing these same people complain the jail wasn't rebuilt for the last 3 years, stop your pissing and moaning already and be thankful it's being rebuilt!

Anonymous said...

No common sense here!

Homes devalued right off the bat!

Businesses and tourists kept out...

Good luck with your not so well thought out process.

You all better hope it's built in the architectural historic manner expected in this county!

The less you make it appear like a jail the better!

Anonymous said...

In addition
Waving our "dirty laundry" is a telling sign we have given up not just our pride but all hopes of ever pulling ourselves up out of the "mud!"

Other parts of our state ask for more, better and up scaled living and they get it!

We get what we ask for! And it's not a hell of s lot...just aiming to be self destructive.

It's obvious you are defeated and the inner ugliness is coming out.

You are taking vengeance on your own have no hope for the future.

Next we may as our junk yards along the gateway as well!

No one ever takes time to think before they act...I don't even know if the Seebolds agreed to sell or is this going to be another "eminent domain!"

I'm going to say that those of you who flap your mouths so quickly don't take the time to think or even care about your neighbors!

I do and I am a fighter!

I want to see Schoharie become as rich as their historic soil!

I have hope and wish a more prosperous, successful mix of agriculture and more positive thinking people!

Positive thinking brings about positive things but obviously some of you have the most negative thoughts that can be had!

Obviously you have no pride in yourself and it overflows onto anyone you will have listen and follow you into the sinkhole.

I feel very sad for you and warn that you be careful of What you wish for.

Poverty has a way of moving quickly through desolate roads!

This would be your legacy...hope you will be able to live with that!

And shame on the supervisors! They should know better and surly did not put much thought into this move!

I hope this will be discussed a little longer.
This would be a mistake that could never be undone.

It will be our landmark if built there. And a constant reminder of the disaster that hit our county every time we drive by.

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