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Cherry to Step Down From Additional Roles

Written By Michael on 7/20/15 | 7/20/15

SCHOHARIE - In an unexpected power shift, Schoharie County Treasurer Bill Cherry has announced his resignation from two of his appointed positions in county government.

Informing the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors in an email two weeks ago that he would be stepping down from serving as Budget Officer and de facto head of Economic Development effective upon the county's hiring of an administrator.

Cherry's decision has come as a surprise to legislators, with some expressing private concerns that his departure will leave county government in a weaker position.

Having served as Budget Officer for eighteen of the twenty years he has held the position of Treasurer, Cherry told The Schoharie News that in light of his coming retirement after his likely next term, "If I don't make this transition now...I'll never be able to do it."

Further emphasizing that he believes the soon to be hired county administrator should take on the responsibilities, because they will "be the person to chart that course," Cherry again added, "I'm not going to be here forever."

Stating that the responsibilities of economic development "is absolutely a full time job in itself," Cherry pointed out that he had recommended that the county board increase bodies in the department when it was split from planning last December as part of the adopted 2015 county budget.

Believing "we need someone at the table everyday" for economic development, Cherry stressed that he just doesn't have the fuel in the tank. Typically starting his days at four in the morning and concluding his responsibilities near midnight, the official commented, "There's a limit to how much I can do."

Seen by some as the most powerful figure in county government at the moment, Cherry has attracted a legion of supporters and detractors on and off of the Board of Supervisors.

The satirical anti-Cherry website The Schoharie Onion welcomed the news sceptically, warning to its loyal fanbase, "Mr. Cherry cited his heavy workload as the reason [for stepping down], but we aren’t buying it."

Cherry is, however, remaining on board as the Flood Recovery Coordinator.

Commenting "we still have a great deal of work to do," Cherry listed the construction of the relocated Public Safety Facility, the implementation of flood gates around the county office complex, and the reconstruction of the Blenheim Covered Bridge as projects that are still in progress in flood recovery.

Reflecting on his decision to remain on board as Flood Recovery Coordinator, while stepping away from his other responsibilities, Cherry stated simply, "I feel that I'm needed in the county in that role more than the others."
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Flipped said...
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Flipped said...

**This is OLD NEWS - This was reported by the Time-Journal and even the Schoharie Onion 3 weeks ago. As for you stating that he notified the BOS 2 weeks ago in an EMAIL, the T-J in their 6/30 article says "He announced his intentions in a letter... on Friday (6/26)". It seems that you need to work on getting the news out in a more timely and factual manner.

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