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County Closer to Admin

Written By Michael on 7/29/15 | 7/29/15

By Schoharie News Staff

SCHOHARIE - Schoharie County is one step closer to hiring an administrator.

Set to conduct interviews with seven candidates this week, Conesville Supervisor and Administrator Committee Chair Bill Federice reported at Friday's county board meeting that those seven had been selected from a larger pool of nineteen applicants.

Commenting that the seven are "really good candidates," Federice explained that only ten of the original applicants were qualified for the position and that the list was further shortened based on their resumes.

Whomever the administrator is, their list of responsibilities are likely to be a little bit bigger than previously expected.

With the recent announcement by Schoharie County Treasurer Bill Cherry that he would be stepping down from his appointed positions as Budget Officer and head of Economic Development, Mr. Federice said that he believed the new admin will have a role to play in both positions.

Established after more than fourteen months of public debate and committee research, the county administrator will serve as a full-time public officer to oversee the daily activities of county government, ending the county's status as one of the few entities without such an official in the state.

Beginning yesterday with a series of interviews conducted by the Administrator Committee and members of the Community Stakeholders Committee, applicants for administrator will go through a thorough interview process that is expected to be wrapped up by next month's county board meeting.

Where, approximately nineteen months after the first motion was brought forward to create the position, an administrator may be officially hired to oversee a divided county government that could not even agree for fourteen months on whether or not an administrator was needed in the first place.
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