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New York State Senate Puts NY SAFE Act in Crosshairs

Written By Michael on 7/16/15 | 7/16/15

By Schoharie News Staff

ALBANY - The New York State Senate voted to amend the controversial SAFE Act two years after its passage. The bill that severely curtails gun rights has been contested in both the legislature and the courts, and the Republican dominated house took up the issue in early June.

The bill to strip out many provisions of the law was sponsored by local State Senator Jim Seward (R-Milford). Included in the changes are provisions that include:

•Restoring the ability to gift semi-automatic long guns between family members

•Avoid public disclosure of pistol license applications and data

•Provide due process in case of mental health concerns

•Restore ability of county clerks to oversee pistol licensing, not the State Police

The bill passed 35-26. The bill is being sent to the Assembly, where the Democratic-dominated body is unlikely to pass the legislation. Regardless, the legislation would likely be vetoed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been criticised for signing the unpopular legislation by upstate legislators.

Schoharie County has been a hotbed of opposition to the SAFE Act, where residents, supervisors, and state representatives have loudly protested and called for its repeal, including County Sheriff Tony Desmond, who has been featured in national media for his attacks on the law.

Before this bill, no successful repeal attempts had been made.
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