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Letter to the Editor: Protect the Second Amendment

Written By Editor on 9/25/16 | 9/25/16

As a civil rights activist the intertwining of all our rights brings US to the Second Amendment.

  Through a clear strong voice We counter the liberal rhetoric which is driven by hyperbole and conjecture.

We need not look to the past or to hypothetical theory to see clearly.

  Current events in Charlotte NC are playing out. Rioters and thugs are being described on main stream media as "protesters".

 Folks , this is an attempt to foster division and hate.

 The truth IS in our culture is being sold a narrative through main stream media that does absolutely nothing to address the core issues before US.

 "Liberty and Freedom are of the individual, not of Government." KS

  "The rights of Man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God." John F Kennedy.

    "We the People are the Governors of our State." KS

    Take hold of your rights , never surrender them to a Government that tells the masses that in order to secure a little safety one must give up a portion of Liberty.

-- Kevin Sission, Webster
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Unknown said...

As the first letter to the editor under new management, I am perplexed by the decision to post the submission by Mr. Sission. His reference to the second amendment and the photo of a gun conference signal Mr. Sission’s apparent support of gun rights but otherwise his letter is murky at best. He appears to quote himself (“KS”), a rather odd mechanism for making a point (whatever that is). He alludes to “liberal rhetoric” without stating an example as well as “hypothetical theory” which besides being redundant, doesn’t convey much to the reader. While most of Mr. Sission’s letter is incomprehensible it gets clearly ugly when he categorizes citizens reacting to a police shooting in Charlotte as thugs and rioters, apparently unaware of the large number of peaceful individuals, public officials and clergy who are engaging in genuine protest and exercising the rights under the same constitution Mr. Sission claims to value.

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