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Sheriff's Department Launches New Teen DWI Prevention Initiative

Written By Editor on 9/16/16 | 9/16/16

By Tyler James

At the Schoharie Board of Supervisors meeting two deputies spoke of a new initiative that the Sheriff's Department worked on to prevent teens from driving while intoxicated. The lively presentation expanded on the effort, which has seen many organizations partner with the Sheriff's Department.

Deputy Bruce Baker was given privilege of the floor to talk about Project CRASH. In the presentation, the Deputy discussed the Sheriff's Department partnership with SCCASA and other groups. The project intends to prevent drunk and ability impaired driving. Baker was introduced by Deputy Zach Reinhart. Deputy Baker said the group, "involved every high school in the county" as well as emergency services. The Deputy thanked a variety of volunteers and officials that assisted in the production. The project created a 30 minute movie that "depicts a two car crash with a fatality." On October 6th every Junior and Senior in high school in the county will be attending the film's screening at SUNY Cobleskill. It will be followed by a presentation from a law firm. Many public officials are invited, including County Administrator Steve Wilson and Assemblyman Lopez. He added that the presentation and film will be placed on SCHOPEG and social media.

"We want the students involved," Baker said. He also added that in the spring there would be another event at the college similar to a health fair that would bring in students from all of the schools in the county. Money raised at the event through sponsorships will be used to fund schools' proms and reduce the risk of unsafe driving afterwards. He offered the idea of a joint committee between schools, local government, and others.

The movie had almost 50 hours of editing and four cameras. It includes a helicopter flight and as the Deputy stated, over six figures in production value with great assistance from SCHOPEG. Overall, the project has not cost taxpayers a dime. "It's all volunteer, it's all for the kids." He added that he hoped that a reduction in drunk driving could prevent people from having to hear about fatalities.
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