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Employees Honored by Schoharie County

Written By Editor on 2/17/17 | 2/17/17

The County Board meeting on February 17th began with a discussion of Resolution #28, encouraging respect for all. This passed in a split vote.

Next there was a ceremony honoring a number of County employees for their service. One was for Treasurer Bill Cherry. “It’s my honor and privilege,” he said to recognize 20 years of service. “I’m honored to be here,” he said in a brief statement. Supervisor Manko asked to speak, saying that he did a great job at a recent statewide conference. “He did a good job.” She said that the state, rather than local government, caused much of the increase, including through unfunded mandates. “Bill did a great job representing Schoharie County and has its best interests in mind.” She said that the County made a mistake replacing him as budget director.

Other recognitions went to Denise Minton for 25 years of service, 30 years of service for Bonnie Post, and 25 years of service for Scott Haverly. Haverly said that it was his “staff that makes me look good.”

County Engineer Dan Crandell came to the floor to give 17 employees awards, of which 13 were present. He thanked the Department of Public Works crew. These included a number of employees honored for service in five year increments. Six were honored for five years of service, four for ten years, one for twenty years, and one for thirty years. Haverly thanked the road crew for their work.

Next to speak was Social Services Commissioner Tina Sweet. She honored a number of employees for their service. This included Joe Polak for 15 years of service, seen in the photo below.

Dr. Amy Gildemeister praised employees in her office. Brenda Hewett was praised as “incredibly organized” and a “wonderful employee.” The other was Karen Simmons, “she’s been incredibly dediated.”

Sheriff Anthony Desmond honored a number of employees in his office. Most couldn’t make it to the meeting, but several came, including Dispatcher David Houck, seen below.

Bonnie Post from the Community Services Department honored three employees present for experience ranging from 10-15 years. Several other employees with various years could not make it.

County Administrator Steve Wilson honored Shane Nickle, “the king of applying for grants,” he said. Nickle has been at the County for 20 years.

Probation Director Denise Minton honored Rose Keller for twenty years of service, saying she gives incredible dedication to the youth of the County.

The last was Nancy Dingee from the Office for the Aging. She honored Business Manager Amy Weitz for 15 years of experience and Coordinator for Extended Care for the Elderly Diane Kruzinski for five years of experience.

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