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Uninsured Drivers and Road Safety

Written By Editor on 4/10/17 | 4/10/17

By Michael Ehline

New York State is one of the majority of states to require drivers have insurance on their vehicles. There are multiple tiers of insurance available for drivers. You’re bombarded with the biggest companies offering their wares, whether it be State Farm, Geico, Liberty Mutual, or others. Each has their advantages and drawbacks. However, despite the requirements for insurance, one of the largest issues remains uninsured or underinsured motorists.

Underinsured motorists include drivers that do not carry the value replacement cost of their vehicles. In some cases they do not carry liability, or often referred to as casualty, insurance. Sometimes drivers do not purchase collision coverage on their vehicles, leaving them in the lurch in case of an accident.

In other cases, drivers refuse to buy car insurance at all. There are some instances where drivers do not realize they need to carry insurance. However, that is a minimum of cases. Many drivers who lost their license do not drive with insurance. Sometimes illegal immigrants do not carry insurance. All of these scenarios add to a real mess when someone is involved in a crash.

Without the proper insurance, many drivers simply flee. Uninsured motorists are a leading cause of hit and run style accidents. There are other cases where a family is severely injured due to the crash and the other driver has no policy. This leaves them personally liable for all physical and emotional injury and damage.

All of these cases provide a complicated landscape for drivers. A person getting behind the wheel or waving off their loved ones shouldn’t have to worry about whether one of the other drivers is carrying insurance. That is where responsible attorneys step in to protect the rights of vehicle operators.

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