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NY-19 Decides: Brian Flynn

Written By Cicero on 6/21/18 | 6/21/18

"Only candidate running with a track record of fighting for progressive causes..." - Brian Flynn.

NY-19 Decides: Brian Flynn
By Timothy Knight

Born in Rochester and raised in New Jersey, NY-19 congressional candidate and lifelong entrepreneur Brian Flynn told the Mountain Eagle in a recent sit down interview that having four Irish grandparents formed his character because he grew up in "basically an American family, but always in the context that we were dirt poor not that long before."

Mr. Flynn, who is a graduate of Georgetown University and who is President of AccuMed, is one of seven Democratic candidates vying to challenge incumbent Republican Congressman John Faso in this fall's general election.

Describing himself as "a genetic Democrat," Mr. Flynn first became involved in political activism when his brother was killed in the Lockerbie bombing in 1988. Saying that, "I was having a great college life...when all of a sudden I got thrown into this world event," Mr. Flynn joined other families in protest and later became Vice-President of the victims organization.

"That experience kind of shaped my desire for activism," said Mr. Flynn, who has gone on to be heavily involved in Democratic politics and activism, including teaching English as a second language to undocumented immigrants, while also building a career in business. 

Although the candidate has only been a resident of Greene County for 15 years - part of which as a second homeowner, with his daughter attending the local Hunter-Tannersville public school, Mr. Flynn has become a full member of the community - a claim that is reinforced by the stream of handshakes, hugs, and "hellos," the candidate received while being interviewed at Maggie's Krooked Cafe.

While Mr. Flynn has campaigned on a myriad of policy positions, he has prominently come out in favor of Medicare for All. Pointing to health care as being the number one employer in most of the counties that make up the expansive district, he believes that his proposal can gain Republican support by making the case it will enable people to pay less while creating jobs.

Noting that there are "clear distinctions" between himself and his Democratic opponents, Mr. Flynn emphasized that he has the "best chance of actually getting something done in Congress" because of his progressive track record and his experience working to get legislation passed in Washington that placed sanctions on Iran and Libya. 

Believing the race to essentially be a dead heat between himself, Antonio Delgado, and Pat Ryan, Mr. Flynn commented "If you care about Medicare for All, then I'm the only one who actually supports it." Furthermore, in addition to his campaign staff being unionized, he is the only union member running and he knocked some of his opponents for never working outside of the government or legal sectors. 

The candidate had little if nothing positive to say about Mr. Faso, knocking the incumbent for trying to take away health care, for being disingenuous about the GOP tax law, for wanting to come after entitlements, and for voting numerous times to reduce environmental protections. 

Saying, "We're going to hold him accountable," Mr. Flynn blasted his potential fall rival as "part of the problem." "It seems like he still lives Nassau County based on how he votes, because it seems like the policies that he supports supports wealthy people in Nassau County and not people living in Schoharie County," added Mr. Flynn. 

When asked why undecided primary voters should pull the lever for him, Mr. Flynn said "I'm the only candidate with a proven track record and experience to beat John Faso." Citing his support for Medicare for All, his business background, and his union membership, Mr. Flynn further stated that his resume makes for a formidable combination, which he calls "the antidote to John Faso."

Democrats will choose their nominee on Tuesday, June 26th. 

Editor's Note: This is the sixth in a series of interviews with the seven candidates vying for the NY-19 Democratic nomination. All seven interviews will appear in the Friday, June 22nd print edition of the Mountain Eagle.

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