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Letter to the Editor: On Black Lives Matter

Written By Editor on 10/31/20 | 10/31/20

Dear Editor, 
As an octogenarian, I've seen and heard a few things in my time but never have I seen such delusional reasoning and hatred. It's hard to understand how a person can say they love our country, if they hate half the people in it. Remember the time when, if we didn't like the politicians who were running the show. We simply voted the "bums” out. 
It seems that voting isn't good enough. Now, it appears in order to get what you want, you can loot and burn down businesses. You can just deface, damage, or destroy statues and monuments you think are offensive. You can spit on, throw bricks at or bottles of urine at, and fire bomb police cars. You can deny someone's freedom of speech, if they disagree with you and if they persist in disagreeing with you. You have the right to be violent. You can even cause them injury because their speech is unworthy. 
I am sure there are many peaceful protesters whose motives are sincere. They seek constructive change and their activities are guaranteed by the First Amendment. Unfortunately, these very same people can be and are co-opted by organizations whose motives appear pure and sincere but upon examination, they are not. 
The tragic death of George Floyd is simply a crisis to be exploited 
Nobody wants to unknowingly be a “Useful Idiot" for someone else's cause. I think it is imperative that we look behind the curtain. We need to find out more about these organizations and who is behind the protests and riots that are tearing our country apart, pitting one American against another. In order to bring about meaningful constructive change, there must be meaningful constructive solutions. The old axiom is: if you are not part of the solution you are probably part of the problem We need to understand the motives, intentions, and the direction these organizations would take our nation. 
Let us look at Black Lives Matter first and examine some of their goals, known facts about them, and some of the statements their leadership has made. 
The stated goals of Black Lives Matter: 
-Advocate the overthrow of the President of the United States. -Advocate skin color reparations. (BLM.Com.) -Advocate for the transfer of property from white people to black people, -Advocate for the disruption of the western prescribed nuclear family structure, (BLM.Com.) -Advocate against religious faith/Christianity. (BLM.Com.) -Advocate for the dismantling of cisgender privilege and uplift black transgender folks, especially black transgender women. (BLM.Com.) -Advocate for the fostering a queer affirmation to free themselves of heterosexual thinking. 
Background info on BLM: 
-BLM is a corporation, its full name is: Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, 
-BLM has chapters in over a dozen major U. S. cities. -BLM is not a grassroots organization. -BLM is closely linked to Socialism and Communism. 
The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights has no place in BLM plans. -BLM is big business which is hcavily associated with and supports the Democrat Party, -BLM is a leftwing political movement that will have significant impact on Democrat Party programs. -6 out of 7 BLM members are white and a majority of them are college educated millennial women. 
Video clips of comments made on National TV: 
-We all have seen the video of a group of BLM protesters marching down a street after Ferguson chanting: "Pigs in a blanket - fry-um like bacon". Another chant we've heard: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!" -The President of the Greater New York BLM said, if the movement fails the achieve the changes they want, it will, "Burn Down the System.” -The co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullor, has stated, “We are trained Marxists”. More recently she has demanded the Defunding of the Police, the Abolishment of I.CE. and the Closing of Prisons be included in the Democrat Party Platform. -Susan Rosenburg is the Financial Officer of BLM. She is a convicted domestic terrorist who was sentenced 58 years in prison. She was pardoned by President Clinton. -Recently, I was watching the News from Chicago in disbelief as a Black Lives Matter's member, Ariel Adkins, said:that it was OK to loot because her people needed food and clothes, that looting was a form of reparations and that the stores wouldn't be hurt because they have insurance. 
If black lives really matter, then why haven't we heard them say anything about the black on black crime in our major cities. Bob Woodson, former Civil Rights Activist said, that for every black person killed by the police there are 270 killed by other blacks. Also, in 2018, 52% of the black unborn babies in NYC were aborted. Maybe it is not about All Black Lives Matter. Maybe it is not about promoting justice. Maybe it is not about safe policing. Just maybe it is simply about a cabat of Marxists attempting to tear our country apart. 
Why have the politicians danced around criticizing Black Lives Matter? For the Democrats their silence is a green light for more and for the Republicans, their lack of push-back is also a green light for more, 
If you doubt the validity of this letter, please check it out for yourself. Don't hop on the bandwagon before you know which way the bandwagon will take our nation. Our greatest asset is an informed public. 
Respectfully submitted, 
Frank Masterson, Jr. 
Sharon Springs 

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