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Introducing Bright Hill’s Summer Junior and Senior Interns

Written By Editor on 7/14/21 | 7/14/21

Interns for the Young Collector's Club program are students from the region, most of whom are veterans of the BHLC Workshop program. 

They include: 

Jude Archer, a student at Bard High School in Manhattan and a long-term workshopper and intern at BHLC. Jude is experienced in writing essays, sestinas, and fiction stories in most media. His interests include animation/drawing, Magic: The Gathering (the card game for nerds), and games (video and physical).

Lila Archer, a rising 9th grader who has attended BHLC Summer Workshops since she was 5 years old. She remembers being nervous to go at first and then making friends and having fun. One of her favorite things about Bright Hill is all the art materials available for projects. She remembers using paper mache for the first time at Bright hill. Some of her favorite things are: making jewelry, playing soccer and most recently taking care of her growing collection of plants.

Griffin Leddy is a student at Franklin Central School; he partakes in many extracurricular activities such as ski club, band, and chorus. He enjoys spending time with friends and playing board games. He has been participating in Bright Hill workshops for many years and has been an intern for one year. 
Ever since Evelyn Potrzeba, a student at Delaware Academy, has participated in Bright Hill’s workshops, she has experienced a plethora of knowledge and creative experience. She’s always felt welcomed by the environment and people around me since she moved to Treadwell in 2012. She’s enthusiastic about knowledge and logic, enjoys flying kites, and has been a student in 23 workshops as well as been a member of the Bright Kids Book Club for two years. She’s always felt that Bright Hill was a safe haven, away from glaring eyes and hatred. She’s enthusiastic about bringing these opportunities for improvement and inclusivity to others. 
Anthony Hasselbarth lives in Sidney and currently attends SUNY Broome College; his major is art therapy. Anthony loves art with a burning passion and experiments in all different media. His favorite medium is charcoal. He cannot wait to teach the kids how to use make art in different ways, and he is looking forward to showing the ways art can help to heal. As Anthony says, “Art should never be work; it should be a time where you enjoy yourself.” He in interning at BHLC through the CDO Work Force.

Lars Shaman Burke was born in Oneonta, NY, lived part of his youth in Portland, Oregon, and now resides in East Meredith, NY.

He loves his dog, Beanie, who has helped him keep his sense of humor during the pandemic. Lars enjoys helping people with their problems. He also loves YouTube and would like to be able to help his family and friends.

He’s looking forward to trying something new and being able to help with the Young Collectors Club.

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