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A Historic View of Vintage Sharon Springs, NY Postcards (November 28th)

Written By Editor on 11/22/22 | 11/22/22

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A Historic View of Vintage Sharon Springs, NY Postcards

Though little more than an afterthought these days, from the 1890s through the 1920s, postcards were by far the most popular means of communication.  Many of the postcards produced during this "golden age" can be considered works of art, when postcard photographers traveled the nation - coast to coast - snapping photographs of busy street scenes, documenting local landmarks, and taking photographic portraits of locals only too happy to pose for the camera. This fascinating history of Sharon Springs, New York showcases more than 200 of the best vintage postcards available; these images, printed as postcards and sold in general stores across the State, can teach us important aspects of yesteryear that we may not find in history books.

As we take a tour of Sharon Springs by looking through vintage postcards, you will get a glimpse of its picturesque surroundings, unrivaled Springs, baths, Sanatoriums, hotels, rooming and boarding houses, and the proximity to the large cities, offered the public a summer and winter health resort, unsurpassed in the United States.

By the mid-1800s the Springs had become world famous. Sharon Springs reached its peak as a health spa in the 1920s when it boasted some 60 hotels and boarding houses which accommodated over 10,000 guests.  Sharon Springs has hosted many of the rich and famous including U.S. Presidents Martin Van Buren, the Vanderbilts, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D Roosevelt, the Van Rensselaer family, Charles Dickens, James Fennimore Cooper, Oscar Wilde, the Macys of NYC, movie producer Steven Spielberg, and Martha Stewart.

Collected and interpreted by Ron Ketelsen, historian and President of the Sharon Springs Historical Society, the images will be a delightful trip down memory lane to those who recall the historic scenes and will bring an important period of the village's history to life for visitors and members of the younger generation.

Afterward, we'll have a Q&A with Ron — any and all questions about Sharon Springs are welcomed and encouraged!

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