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Message of Hope by Sister Chirya: Spiritual Energy Does Wonders

Written By Editor on 11/25/22 | 11/25/22


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Illustrations: Brahma Kumaris


Spirituality is not separate from daily life. It is a study of spiritual principles that give us the right way of thinking, working and living.  Spiritual knowledge shows the right way to make this life into a refreshing and successful journey full of exploration. Without sitting in the vehicle of spiritual knowledge, I cannot make the journey.


A myth exists that someone who practices spirituality gets disconnected from the world, separates the self from people, leaves responsibilities or meditates all day long.   Spirituality is not about doing something or being someone. It is about being the embodiment of what we truly originally are - peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power, wisdom. These qualities are found in the soul, the most valuable resource in our possession,  located right behind the eyes within the brain.  Spirituality is about recovering these qualities, being with people, working towards our goals, but taking care that every thought, word and deed is through remembering our eternal identity of being souls, separate from the body and brain. Spirituality means I, the soul, an eternal being of light, use my original qualities of the soul when in action in daily practical life. 

Recognize, Use and Be this valuable resource.  In this spiritual consciousness, nurture the soul daily through meditation and spiritual study. Cook and eat in a meditative state of mind and have ethical ways of working that energize the soul.  Being spiritual means treasuring every moment you have. Time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow, a mystery. Today is a gift - it’s called the presentPeace and rest will flourish in the soul when we learn to slow down our thoughts and create moments of silence in the mind. 

Spirituality means to meditate or take one hour in the early morning to charge the soul with Godly wisdom and goodness, and then use that power in your professional and personal life.  God is the most complete and perfect personality that exists, but not a physical personality, a spiritual one. God is one personality without any weaknesses, and no one else is more specialty and virtue-filled than the Father.  This is the reason He is a living energy, a personality, who is remembered and loved the most by each and everyone all over the world.  

Spiritual energy is a dynamic force that does wonders.  Experience “Karankaravanhar, God is doing and getting everything done”.  Discover the relationship and language of the Supreme and see life with other eyes. Our task is to experience the impact of God’s company helping us to create a strong inner stage, colouring us with virtues and powers and taking us beyond concerns of this world. When we experience ourselves to be sustained by God, it is easy to keep a happy face and to share that light and might with others.  Spirituality brings mankind to a renewed and healthy position and takes us in a new direction to create a peaceful world.

Contact: Yvonne Chirya Risely

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