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M'burgh Building Project Clears Final Hurdle

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 4/12/24 | 4/12/24

Will Not Require Sidewalks or Street Lights; Would Need Further Approval for Senior or Affordable Housing

By David Avitabile

MIDDLEBURGH -  A controversial housing development in Middleburgh was officially approved Monday evening.

The development, planned for land off upper Main Street by property owner Fred Risse, was approved by the planning board and county Planning Commission earlier this month. Middleburgh village board members Monday accepted one recommendation from the county Planning Commission but rejected another recommendation to require sidewalks in the proposed development.

The county Planning Commission recommended that the village follow all state DOT recommendations but board members rejected this saying there was no need for sidewalks.

Mr. Risse said that if no sidewalks were built, then homeowners would not have to maintain or clear them after storms. He also noted that there are no sidewalks on that side of Main Street so a crosswalk would be needed to reach any sidewalks in the development. "It doesn't make sense."

Mayor Tim Knight said that sidewalks were not required in Indian Acres, or the Paul Hayes development. Sidewalks were required in Middleburgh Meadows because the townhouses are closer together.

As for street lights, some people do not want them because of the glare in their windows. He was agreeable to downward facing LED lights that shine on the pavement.

Mr. Risse, who is chairman of the planning board, asked if he would have to come back to the village if he planned on putting senior housing or affordable housing units in the development. He was told yes since the approval is only for single-family homes.

"If he desires a change to the approved Planned Development District, he will have to seek the Village Board's approval. As it stands, we are not interested in approving anything beyond what was already agreed to," Mayor Knight added.

The village did approve a change from the county Planning Commission requiring that any construction work on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays be restricted to 9am to 7pm.

Valley View Estates is planned for a large field off of upper Main Street basically behind Andy's Auto.

The village stipulations approved in March include:

* Roads in the development, Valley View Lane and Vroman's Way, will conform to the village zoning law's specifications for design ns regulations. The roads cannot be accepted by the village until there are at least three year-round residents.

* Water mains and laterals must be installed prior to to the placement of roads. The developer is responsible for all costs for the extension of the village water system. Future property owners in the development will be required to pay the connection fee for a new connection to the water system. Parts of the village may be without water while the system hookup is connected. If there is a water outage, officials said it should not be long.

* Fire hydrants must be installed as per code standards and recommendations of the fire department.

* At least three to five streetlights need to be installed to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety in the development. The number and location of the streetlights need to be approved by the village streets superintendent prior to installation.

There are 11 parcels, Mr. Risse noted, two are in the commercial zone and the rest in a planned development district. The parcels are just under a half acre each. He did not know the cost of each parcel.

Mr. Risse proposed an affordable housing complex about 20 years ago that did not proceed.

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