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Traditionally Speaking…by Pat Larsen - ON THE DAY WE WERE BORN

Written By The Mountain Eagle on 6/7/24 | 6/7/24

Recently, I gifted a special book to an expectant couple that would encourage the new parents to write about the unique elements inherent in the world on the day of their child's birth. 

For example, the unique sighting of the Northern Lights or the rare eclipse of the moon this Spring 2024.

These special occurrences would be hand written in the blank pages along with names of grandparents, siblings and who the president was at the time. Space was even allocated for an image or two and a newspaper clipping of the exact date of this little one's arrival. It was an exciting gift to give and the expectant parents reaction was priceless.

Kind of made me begin to wonder what was going on in the world on the day that I made my grand entrance some years ago now.

It definitely weighed on my mind long after I had given the gift.

So, After days of wallowing in curiosity, I decided to give the concept of this book that I gifted to the new parents to myself.

It’s kind of a riddle for you too. See if you can guess.

On the day I was born…The weekday was a Thursday. It was not a leap year. Under the Chinese zodiac, it was the year of the snake.

My generation was classified as Baby Boomers. (well, we knew that already) and I am considered a Gemini. True, in every sense of the word, to be honest.

The TV guide's first issue was printed and Lucille Ball's son, Desi Arnez,  was on the cover of the magazine.

Queen Elizabeth was ordained. 

The Korean War ended.

The first animated 3-D cartoon in technicolor was released.

I looked up famous birthdays and truthfully I didn’t recognize a single name. But hey, we shared a special day, so “best wishes mates!”

-Highlights of the year included President Harry Truman announcing the development of the hydrogen bomb.

-DNA’s chemical structure was discovered using x-ray diffraction by Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins.

-Dr Jonas Salk announced his successful clinical trials to begin the prevention of polio with a vaccine.

-Whoa, the first people to ever reach the summit of Mt Everest occurred the day after I was born. Well done guys. Just a card would have been enough of a gift!

House of wax, the first color 3-D movie premiered in New York.

Hugh Hefner published the first edition of playboy magazine featuring Marilyn Monroe.

The first ever NTSC television sets went on sale for about $$1,175 USD. WHOA!!!! That was a life savings back then.

Ok are you sitting…US Court of Appeals ruled that Organized Baseball is a “sport” & NOT A BUSINESS affirming the Supreme Court Ruling set 25 years prior.


Have you guessed the year yet that I was born?

Believe me, this was truly a fun endeavor. 

Consider having some fun with your own with the facts “about the day you were born!” 

Best part is all you have to do is GOOGLE search your birth date and get ready to be wowed by the details.

CALLING  ALL MY Followers…

I’ve begun a monthly ADVICE COLUMN just for BABY BOOMERS. It’s proving to be quite popular…you want in?

Please send me your questions. I know you have some. It’ll be fun for everyone.  I may not be Anne Landers but I definitely would love to have an opportunity to be challenged with your cheeky, interesting questions. Here’s my email:

Pat Larsen lives, works and plays in Greene County, NY with her husband and pup, Lily.

Pat can be reached at 518-275-8686 if you’d like to chat.

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